Floristic Records of Lichens in Adana, Konya and Niğde Provinces

by Şaban Güvenç
Turk. J. Bot.,26,(2002),175-180.


In this study, 50 taxa belonging to 25 genera were determined from the provinces of Adana, Konya and Nigde. Pertusaria velata (Turner) Nyl. is a new record for Turkey

Until 1995, 191 papers on lichens from Turkey had been published (John, 1992; 1995). As a result of a reappraisal of the samples collected from the provinces in different regions of Turkey in 1971, 171 taxa have been determined (John et al., 2000). Recently, studies on
lichens in different regions of Turkey have gradually increased (Güvenç & Öztürk, 1997; Aslan Öztürk, 1998; Özdemir, Türk & Güner, 1998; Yazıcı, 1999a; b;Aslan, 2000). To date, there have been several papers on lichens from Konya province (Steiner, 1905; 1909; 1916; Verseghy, 1982), whereas in Niğde province, there has been only one lichen record (Steiner, 1905).

Studies determining the lichen flora of Turkey have been carried out in other provinces of Turkey including Adana (John, 1996; Nimis & John, 1998; John & Nimis, 1998; Güvenç & Öztürk, 1998) and Konya provinces (Karabulut & Özdemir Türk, 1998).

The aim of this study was to contribute to the lichen flora of Turkey.

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